Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Our current locations are in Steiner Ranch (Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5:30pm), Downtown (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30, and Tuesday, Thursday at 6am) The next sections begin on Sunday, February 4th with New Member Orientations.

Please ask about our future classes in Westlake, Tarrytown, Circle C, Arboretum, and Round Rock. (If you know of 5 or more people who would like to join in your area we will strongly consider the option of beginning an RTG camp in your neighborhood.) There is a $30 referral discount for every new person you bring to a new section.

You will not be carrying railroad ties or crawling through dog doo on your elbows. We will provide music and you will be training to get faster, stronger, sleeker, and sexier with every movement.

Your food will be checked at least 3 times a week and you will be given feedback and motivation via email. (Monday, Weds, Friday) The BIG BROTHER effect will have a profound impact on your eating habits, and you will have access to your Coach through email and phone at all times.

The will be NO make ups. If you miss a workout, then you forfeit that workout. If we have a rainout (coach canceled class because of safety) you will receive a rain check for $30. If the Coach cancels a class for whatever reason, you will receive a voucher for $30, or $30 cash if you discontinue.
Another session of Return to Glory will begin every month with a measurement session for veterans and an orientation for rookies.

Depending on your level of participation with the food log, you can expect to lose 4 to 8 lbs of fat during that time period. You can do better with a serious commitment to the nutrition and off day exercise. We can guide you through that as well.

This fitness program is absolutely not intended to be a quick fix. Our intent is to SHOW YOU THE LIGHT, day after day, until you can walk that glorious path on your own!!